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Our unmatched residential sober living program provides a safe comfortable environment with the support, guidance, nurturing and structure necessary to support the transition from dependence to independence. The Boca Raton, Florida area offers over 600 12 step meetings weekly, as well as 12-step picnics, dances, and many other recovery-related activities.

The Awakenings Sober Living Program
Awakenings is about self-discovery and practicing your recovery skills in the real world. Our halfway houses provide a safe comfortable environment with the support, guidance, nurturing and structure necessary for transition from treatment to independence.

Here at Awakenings, a thriving sober and clean lifestyle is available to you, and everything is conveniently located within walking distance.  Awakenings sober living and extended care recovery residences offer more than just fourteen beautiful buildings. We offer a sober lifestyle and support system that is a natural stepping stone to long-term recovery.

Steps to Recovery & Living in the Solution

Step-by-step, the women of Awakenings halfway houses regain the self confidence and sense of worth lost while living in their addiction. Every step of the way our halfway house/sober living residents receive the peer-to-peer support so essential to developing and maintaining a substance-free lifestyle.

Our services allow you to transition through three stages of independent sober living.

Stage I (Months 1-2)
Stage 1 is all about orientation and adjustment. You will be assigned a big sister who will help guide you through the early stages, and for the first two weeks, you will be driven daily to 12-step meetings in the area. This will allow you to build a support group in recovery outside Awakenings, even as you develop supportive friendships within the Boca House community.

Stage II (Months 3-4)
For Stage II residents, there is more flexibility. The satisfaction of gainful employment and the daily rewards of a healthy lifestyle should make each day a little easier. Curfews are later and meetings focus more on relapse prevention.

Stage III (Months 4+)
This Senior Stage is designed for residents who wish to continue their recovery in a safe environment. It offers you more independence with a continued emphasis on full-time employment and 12-step meetings, while maintaining an ongoing relationship with your sponsor. This stage is all about helping you meet the challenges of living clean and sober.

GRADUATE (Months 8+)
Graduating affords you the opportunity to become fully responsible for yourself, without the supervision of others, and still take advantage of the Awakenings recovery community. We have seven graduate houses, each beautifully furnished with bedroom and private bath for up to four Awakenings graduates. And each residence has its own swimming pool.

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