How to Keep a Positive Attitude in Recovery

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It’s Easier Than it Sounds

Recovery is a lifetime endeavor, and that lifetime is much more enjoyable if you keep a positive attitude. Keeping a positive attitude may be easier than you imagine, especially if you don’t let anything overwhelm you by remembering to take one day at a time. That adage is well-known because it works, as do several additional tips for remaining positive in recovery.

Practice gratitude

A positive attitude starts with positive thinking, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is with gratitude. Making a quick daily list of at least five things for which you are grateful can go a long way toward shaping and sustaining a positive mindset. These do not have to be giant things, either. Items on your gratitude list can be as basic as being grateful for your health, your family, your pets. It can also include being in a safe and comfortable environment, far from the hardships that were part of your past.

Move forward

Remaining stagnant with the same outlook, attitude and way of life is a surefire way to stay trapped in negative place. Constantly moving forward, on the other hand, offers changes that can amaze you. Even if a certain day may seem tough or bleak, you can keep a positive attitude by knowing you moving forward into a new life. The 12 steps to recovery are the basic foundation of all of our programs, and working those steps ensures a consistent forward motion that leaves you now time to wallow in past miseries.

Build a network

Having a strong network of like minded friends can bring a big boost to your program as well as your life. Awakenings for Women offers an instant network of women who have been through similar hardships and, like you, are focusing on recovery. The similarities bond you together in a way no other circumstances can, forging automatic fellowship, friendships and support. Sharing your trials, tribulations and feelings with other women allows you to unload what’s on your mind.

Be of service

Just as other women are of service to you when they simply listen, you can do the same for them. Being of service can be as simple as lending an ear, and it’s a proven method of getting out of your own head. This method is especially useful at times when your head is full of negative thoughts and ideas. Being of service to others helps you break free of the negativity while it does the same for them.

Focus on the moment

Your life is happening now, this very instant. What you do with this time is of the utmost importance. When you embrace a life of recovery, those moments become more and more enjoyable. You no longer have to dwell in the past or worry about the future, two things that can fill you with remorse or fear. When you instead practicing being the now you learn remorse and fear are unnecessary and today can packed with joy.

Care for your body. Addiction, trauma and hardship can take a lot out of you physically and your body needs to heal. Awakenings for Women can show you how to care for yourself by getting adequate sleep, eating right and balancing work with relaxation. While some of these things may seem obvious, they may also be habits that were lost somewhere down the line. We can help those habits once again become second nature, making your body as strong as your mind and soul as you move forward in your brand new life.

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