Our Women’s Sober Living Facility

Explore Our Facility

At Awakenings for Women, we offer care and support for women who are looking to maintain sobriety. At our recovery house in Boca, we offer IOP treatment, 12-Step programs, support groups, and so much more. Our facility offers sober-focused living in the center of South Florida, where there are beaches, parks, pools, and an abundance of beautiful weather. Our facility is second to none in the quality, support, and structure it offers for individuals in recovery.

Amenities for Your Recovery

Our facility supports comfortable women’s sober living, and we offer many different amenities to support your recovery. This includes a pool, a fully equipped kitchen, games, TVs, cable, and comfortable beds. While living at our halfway house, women are able to receive the structure and support they need to grow in sobriety. We believe that our halfway house isn’t just a place to live, it’s a place to begin a new life for yourself.

Support in Sobriety

At Awakenings for Women, we know that a quality community makes all the difference in recovery. We are all influenced by our environment in one way or another, so choosing the right environment for recovery is key. Sober houses in Florida offer the right fit for many women in recovery by integrating them in a supportive community. When the people you’re living with are also working through recovery, it becomes much easier to stay accountable for your sobriety. Our residents form a tight-knit community of support, guidance, and growth for one another.

IOP Options

For many women in recovery, intensive outpatient, or IOP treatment, can be key. IOP involves weekly meetings with individual or group sessions. Typically, women choose IOP treatment when they have completed a residential treatment program but would like some additional support for their continued recovery. At Awakenings for Women, we offer housing for women who are undergoing IOP treatment. We also offer our own IOP treatments for our residents, and for women who are living elsewhere as well during their recovery.

Aftercare Support

After leaving our facility, women often need additional support for their continued sobriety. At Awakenings for Women, we’re here to help. We offer ongoing support options, such as aftercare for our former residents. These aftercare programs allow women to receive additional support as they continue transitioning back into sober habits and patterns at home.

View Our Photos

Are you looking to learn more about our treatment options? Are you interested in seeing photos of our facility? Take a look at our facility gallery, which includes photos of the rooms, common areas, and outdoor areas of our facility. We also encourage women to come tour our halfway house in-person to get a better look at all of our amenities and features. It is easy to take a tour. Simply contact us today to schedule your tour of our clean, safe, and supportive sober living house. Our facilities at Awakenings for Women aren’t just a home, they’re a place where you can begin a new life of sobriety, health, and happiness.

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