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We give our women the recovery tools they need, in a safe, clean, secure environment located in the middle of a year-round tropical climate.

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Awakenings for Women, sober living halfway house residence is located in one of the most desirable places to live in all of South Florida.

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We are quite proud of the sober community we have created for all the women who have come here to change the course of their lives.

Welcome to Awakenings

At Awakenings for Women, we think that all women in recovery deserve a safe, supportive, and comfortable halfway house. It’s no mystery why women seek halfway houses in South Florida. The year-round comfortable climate, beautiful beaches, and overall tranquility provide the perfect backdrop for transitional living in recovery. Our exclusive women’s program is designed to not only provide reliable housing for women in recovery, but also to support their successful recovery. Our treatment professionals are here to help you.

The Right Location for a Florida Halfway House

Located in the heart of Boca Raton, our halfway house provides comfortable and safe housing for your recovery. Many residents enjoy the amenities offered nearby, such as beaches, parks, and even an art museum. Our sober living program is provided for all residents, offering guidance, growth, and nurturing care for all stages of recovery.

Housing for Various Stages of Recovery

While all residents of our home are required to maintain sobriety and honor our house rules, we do provide halfway housing for women at various stages of recovery. For example, many women choose to reside at our facility while they undergo IOP treatment. IOP treatment is an outpatient treatment that meets less frequently than OP or PHP options. Our halfway house is a popular option for women who are in need of IOP, OP, or PHP residency options.

Programs for Your Recovery

At Awakenings for Women, we’re so much more than a Florida halfway house. We’re a supportive community providing IOP care and 12-Step based programs. We also offer amenities such as computers, cable TV, recreational activities, and more.
The community we have created at our hallway house is perhaps the most valuable feature for your recovery. We have built a community of treatment professionals, therapists, and people in recovery who all want to support your sobriety. Halfway house living helps support accountability, growth, and sustained sobriety.

A Place to Begin Again

Transitioning back into everyday life after overcoming addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, or other challenges can be overwhelming. But with the help of our halfway house at Awakenings for Women, you can smoothly transition back into a sober lifestyle outside of treatment. We offer all levels of care to help you reach your needs, giving you a supportive space in which you can establish your sobriety.

Our halfway house is a place where women in recovery can start fresh and reclaim the sober, happy, and healthy lives they have envisioned. We have developed programs to support women through recovery, IOP, halfway house living, and long-term aftercare care as well. Readjusting to the trials and tribulations of everyday life while avoiding the pitfalls of addiction can feel like a challenge. But with supportive communities and effective halfway house solutions, any woman who is ready to maintain sobriety can find her success.

If you are searching for a women’s halfway house in Boca Raton to support your recovery journey, we invite you to learn more about our facility at Awakenings for Women. We provide the care, support, accountability, and guidance women in recovery need. Call us today to learn more about our personalized and proactive approaches to halfway housing.

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Our unmatched residential sober living program provides a safe comfortable environment offering support, guidance, nurturing and structure necessary for the transition from a life of dependence, to a new life of independence.

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