Self Discovery Can Lead to Sobriety

One of the things that every addict will discover during the course of their recovery — if there is to be a truly successful recovery — is that certain choices, actions, and life events can clearly be traced to the root of the addiction problem. In many cases, the place or places that the addiction actually had its true roots is buried deep in the addicted person’s consciousness. One of the main goals of rehab facilities that use a 12 step recovery model is helping patients on their journey of self discovery. This allows each person to uncover the true underlying causes for their addictions, and creates a life in which they can use their new knowledge of self to empower them to be happier and more successful people.

12 Steps to Self Discovery

The original 12 step program was created by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935. Although the program was created so many years ago and was originally focused only on alcoholics, its goal of helping others ” stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety” is something that works extremely well for millions of addicts of all types, all over the world.

The 12 step program, which has now been expanded and adapted in many ways to suit the individual needs of specific groups, has proven to be by far the most effective program for recovery from drug or alcohol addiction ever designed. Women who are struggling with addiction have sometimes found that they need a special approach to the program — a 12 step program that works especially well for their unique circumstances. Programs like the ones at Awakenings for Women in Boca Raton, Florida were styled with the female psyche in mind — and they are extraordinarily successful as a result.

Groundwork for Recovery

As an addict works through the first three steps of the 12 step model, they are simply admitting that there is a problem, acknowledging that there is a higher power that can help, and asking for help with their addiction. These first three steps lay the groundwork for the self discovery that needs to take place. Trained counselors and therapists are there for addicts in every step of the program, and are especially beneficial in helping women to ease into the recovery process.

Discovery for Recovery

In the next three steps of the 12 step program — steps four, five, and six — the addict will truly explore the reasons for the addiction, and will learn how their choices may have led to addiction. These steps involve taking a personal moral inventory to discover character defects, admitting wrongs, and preparing to ask a higher power for help removing character defects that led to addiction.

Getting Help

In steps seven, eight, and nine of the 12 step program the addict will be starting to put their self discovery into action: Now that they have discovered the root causes for the addiction (the personal character defects) they can ask for help in removing them. Asking a higher power for help and then making amends with people who have been harmed by the addiction is the focus of this part of recovery.

Self Discovery Benefits: Healing for Life

In the final three steps of the 12 step program, the addict will begin to truly reap the benefits of their self discovery. Each woman will be able to continue to take personal moral inventory. This means that they can guard against relapse by making sure that the same influences that led to addiction don’t come back into their lives. In the final steps of the program, women will also be sharing support with others in recovery, and drawing extra strength from others who truly understand.

Programs like Awakenings for Women believe in providing support for addicted women in not only the early stages of the addiction recovery, but for as long as needed. The goal is using all the self discovery achieved during the program to have a true “forever recovery.”

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