10 Steps of the Relapse Cycle

Awakenings for Women is a sober living home for women in Boca Raton, Florida. The goal of everyone on site is to create a safe, healthy, supportive living environment for women working on their recovery process. Unfortunately, sometimes former addicts may give in and experience relapse.

Relapse is suffering a deterioration after a period if improvement. It is a downward spiral towards previous compulsive behavior and addiction. The relapse cycle generally occurs in 10 steps.

1.Circumstances leading to buildup of stressful feelings

2. Overwhelming feelings leading to emotional overreactions

3. Denial and insisting that you don’t need assistance

4. Failing to reach out for support and encouragement

5. Making excuses and covering up one’s actions

6. Increased isolation due to negative feelings, dishonesty, and shame

7. Overcome with hopelessness and self-pity

8. Turning to high risk situations for self-sabotage

9. Allowing yourself “just this one” as an excuse to relapse

10. Experiencing defeating feelings of failure, despair, and frustration.

The staff at our sober living home for women know there are signs you can look out for to determine if you are headed towards a relapse:

-Fantasizing about times when you abused substances

-Not staying away from things or people that are harmful to you

-Reasoning with yourself that one drink or one pill wouldn’t hurt.

-Reaching out to old friends with whom you formerly abused drugs with

-Defensive or moody behavior and attitudes

The most important part of avoiding the relapse cycle is to be honest with yourself about your attitude, feelings, and behaviors. Recovery isn’t a one month or one year process, it’s a lifelong commitment.

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