What Triggers Can Cause Relapse?

In recovery it is important to know what the common triggers are that lead to relapse so you know how to handle certain situations. Here is a list of common triggers and stressors:

-Negative emotional situations (stress, trauma, anger or sadness)
-Positive emotional situations (not feeling good enough and wanting to feel even better)
-Physical pain and discomfort (experiencing withdrawal symptoms)
-Conflict with self (“I can have just one drink” or “I can just use one time”)
-Conflict with others (an argument or disagreement with friends or family)
-Social situations (pressure to drink alcohol or use drugs in an environment where others are drinking or using drugs)
-Strong urges to use (temptation and cravings)

Knowing how to deal with these common triggers in a positive, healthy, safe and effective way will help you to overcome any temptation when it comes to relapse. Use your coping skills when dealing with life stressors, and your support system when dealing with urges.

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