Residency for IOP Treatment

Happy woman smiling in recovery. Residency for IOP Treatment in Boca Raton.

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are typically the next step a patient takes after completing detox, and/or residential rehabilitation. It’s crucial to undergo detox before IOP, as the active addiction must be addressed. After detox, some patients with more detailed medical and therapeutic needs may enter residential or PHP programs [1]. For patients who are more stabilized, IOP treatment may be an effective option for treatment. While patients receive IOP care, it is absolutely crucial to ensure that their living environment is one which supports recovery. At Awakenings for Women, we offer housing which supports sober living in South Florida. If you’re in need of sober-focused IOP housing, contact our team.


Should I Live at Home While Receiving IOP Treatment?


While getting sober in South Florida, some patients consider living at home while receiving IOP treatment. However, it can be risky to live in a home that doesn’t fully support sobriety. Studies show that lack of peer support, stability, or drug-free surroundings can put recovery at risk [2]. This is why it’s important to choose housing that supports sober living in South Florida.

Many patients choose our halfway housing or women’s sober living homes while they’re undergoing IOP treatment. Our facilities combine support of independent living and unparalleled sobriety support. Residents live with other women in recovery, supporting one another in the journey. Additionally, patients can choose added support programs such as therapies and meetings with resident treatment professionals and fellow residents.

While friends and family want to support you in your recovery, they simply cannot offer the sober living support offered by our treatment professionals at Awakenings for Women. We’ve helped countless women reach their goal of getting sober in South Florida with our safe, supportive, and drug-free housing resources. While IOP treatment can be comprehensive to support sobriety, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re receiving a full-scope of care at every step of the process. Don’t let the sobriety support end at the IOP treatment facility, you can receive supportive care in your housing as well.


Our IOP Treatment Programs


In addition to providing housing for IOP treatment, we also offer our own IOP programs for sobriety support. IOP treatment continues along the continuum of care, connecting patients with daily support for their recovery. Typically, patients adhere to structured daily schedules which include therapy and support. Then, patients are able to spend their free time working, volunteering, or studying.

IOP allows patients to transition back into the groove of everyday life while keeping sobriety at the cornerstone of everything they do. With IOP, patients can slowly adjust to normal life while maintaining the newfound sobriety they’ve found through treatment. IOP allows for a smooth transition after treatment programs are completed. Contact our team at Awakenings for Women today to learn more.

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