How Creative Writing Helps the Recovery Process

While many treatment centers are well equipped to deal with the physical toll that substance abuse takes on the body, many have different approaches to addressing the emotional toll that drug abuse takes on an individual.

On one hand, many people are driven to relapse not because of cravings, but due to emotional swings. Many patients benefit from an alternative type of outlet, one that lets them express their emotions, as well as allows them to get a little creative. For that reason, many Florida sober living homes are using creative writing to help the recovery process.

Not everyone is comfortable sharing their personal recovery stories. Creative writing allows those who are not yet ready to open up to the world around them address their own issues in a private and creative way that makes sure that they are still getting the issues out, even if it is only on paper. By getting it out with pen and paper first, it allows the patient to become more comfortable with their own thoughts and feelings before they can begin to express them.

In addition, by using creative writing in order to help the recovery process, it allows former addicts to get in touch with subconscious feelings that they may not have yet tapped into. This can allow people to realize feelings they did not even know they had, inducing therapeutic self-examination.

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