Who to Stay Away from in Sobriety

For those who are new to sobriety, protecting yourself is one of the most important things you can do once you leave your women’s sober living home.

When protecting your newfound sobriety, sometimes that means cutting out people who are not a good influence on your life. This could be old friends who had a negative impact on your life before you entered into a halfway house in Florida. In some cases, these friends pose a huge threat to your recovery and as a result, it is best to not have any involvement with them.

Check out this list from Awakenings for Women of who to stay away from in sobriety; it will help you make the much needed positive changes in your life!

The Self-Centered Person. Most likely, people who are completely self-involved are not truly interested in adding anything of value to your life. Instead, they may just end up zapping up all of your energy and sucking out your positive vibes that you have worked so hard to maintain.

The Pessimist. Who wants to surround themselves with a Debbie Downer? Especially for those who have stayed in a Florida sober living home, making sure that upbeat people who make the best of situations are surrounding them is extremely important. After all, do you really want someone who is going to think the worst in every situation around you all of the time? Debbie Downers also have no problem complaining about their own problems, which inevitably leads to you having to listen to their problems more often than not. This can get exhausting, and drain you of your own energy that you need in order to stay positive.

The Rude Person. People who do not treat others, or themselves, with respect generally are not good influences to have around when you are in recovery. Being the target of someone’s rudeness can make you feel angry or hurt, and that most certainly does not help your recovery journey. Not only that, but rude people will most likely backtrack all of the hard work you put in at your women’s sober living home, and influence you to make poor decisions regarding how you treat people.

The Instigator. These types of people get pure joy from getting a reaction out of others, and most of the time do not know when to stop. Instigators are perhaps the worst type of people to have around when you are in recovery, mainly because they will continue to push your buttons and persuade you to make decisions that they know are not in your best interest.

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