Sobriety is Better Than Botox

Can ditching alcohol improve your complexion? For years, women have been putting this theory to the test, and the answer is the same each time. For heavy drinkers, or even those who consume just one glass of wine after a long day, the effects of going cold turkey and living sober can show unbelievable improvements on your skin’s overall appearance and health.

First, let’s ask this: How does drinking alcohol have any effect on my skin?

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, which protects all of your internal organs. Simply put, healthy skin helps itself by normalizing and repairing skin functions. Your skin needs water to do its job and alcohol consumption dehydrates you. This dehydration deprives your skin of natural vitamins and antioxidants that are essential for skin to carry out its main duties, which is why sober living homes for women in Boca Raton stress daily water intake during alcohol detox, in order to return your body to normalcy.

Ditch the expensive serums, creams, and the endless cycles of Botox. Awakenings for Women wants you to know how living sober naturally enhances your skin.

Your skin will naturally brighten up. One of the main effects of drinking alcohol is the expansion of the peripheral blood vessels. Once these expand and widen, more blood is able to flow to the skin. When there is an increased blood flow to the surface of the eyes, they will look dull, cloudy and bloodshot. Living sober brings back your bright and shiny eyes, which increases your overall appearance and makes you more attractive to others. The same increased blood flow through the skin speeds up natural processes that cause skin cells to renew and shed quicker, this dries out your skin at a rapid rate. Quitting alcohol will allow your skin cells to regenerate at their natural pace, giving you a more hydrated and healthy appearance.

You will look younger. Dehydration damage via alcohol consumption causes wrinkles and makes you look much older than your actual age. In studies comparing women who have been drinking moderately for multiple years side by side with women who do not drink alcohol, the difference is almost too good to be true. Women who do not drink have brighter, clearer, less wrinkled skin with an overall younger appearance.

Alcohol causes inflammation of the skin, which explains the red flush in your face that you may have thought was a natural part of aging; think again.

Alcohol consumption bloats and swells your skin; and the sugar in alcohol can cause breakouts. Alcohol intake also interrupts your sleep, causing even more wear on your skin, which is more obvious over time.

You will lose weight. Alcohol is ingested then metabolized; fat oxidation stops, the metabolism is slowed, and weight is gained. Quitting alcohol saves you from pointless, empty calorie consumption you might not even realize you are consuming. Making the decision to detox from alcohol and enter into a sober living home for women will not only jumpstart weight loss from your face, but also your entire body.


Once you are living sober, you will witness your skin naturally “perk up” – the same way it does when you pay a ton of money to unnaturally paralyze your skin wit Botox.

Sober living almost instantly reverses the damage done by alcohol on the skin. Don’t waste your money on skin treatments that your body can do for you naturally. Awakenings for Women will help you take care of your body from the inside, replenishing your skin and overall appearance. Sobriety is the new Botox, ladies!


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