Easy Ways to Prevent Relapse After Treatment

One of the hardest parts about accepting help for a drug addiction is the realization that you will have to lead a completely different life after your treatment. This means abandoning your old lifestyle, and introducing yourself to new friends, new hobbies, and more positive ways of spending time. While this may seem overwhelming initially, Awakenings for Women knows restructuring your life is a critical part of your lifelong recovery process.

Being reintroduced to life can be scary, and sometimes addicts feel the pressure to return back to their old, comfortable habits, but this can lead to relapse. Relapse means suffering deterioration after a period of improvement – using drugs after working so hard to get clean. Unfamiliarity can cause stress in anyone, especially addicts who suffered from serious, long term addictions. The good news is that recovering addicts do not have to face the world alone. At Awakening’s for Women, our sober living facility for women is a strong support system for those working towards a better life. As you reintegrate into a daily routine, remind yourself that preventing relapse is possible, when you keep the following guidelines in mind.

The most essential way to prevent relapse is to spend time at a sober living facility. Jumping right back into a normal lifestyle may be hard. For a smoother transition, where you can live and work around people that are working on bettering themselves like you, try Awakenings for Women. A sober living home also helps manage levels of stress throughout the recovery process. One of the most important factors in relapse prevention is to maintain a stress-free and peaceful environment. This way, all of your focus can go towards sobriety maintenance and relapse prevention.

Attend regular meetings with an addiction treatment counselor. This is a great method to reinforce the skills you learned in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. There are specific therapies designed to teach patients how to avoid potential relapse situations and reiterate sober goals. An addiction treatment counselor can help hold you accountable for your sobriety, which can help prevent relapse.

Be mindful of the company you keep. This may be one of the strongest ways to prevent relapse on an everyday basis. Surrounding yourself with people who are drug and alcohol free is going to be a big factor in how you live your life. Constant support from an unwavering group of peers will encourage you to focus on your health, success, education, and family, rather than life-ruining substances. You can make friends in our sober living facility for women, or you can join clubs, take classes, or join a sports team. It may even inspire you to make new goals for yourself that you otherwise would not have thought of.

A sober living home provides the foundation that newly vulnerable recovering addicts need in order to create a stable and successful life for themselves. If you or a loved one need a quality sober living facility for women, contact Awakening’s for Women today to set yourself up for success.

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