How to Tell Your Kids You’re Staying at a Florida Sober Living Home

If you have come to terms with your addiction, then that is the first step towards recovery. It is certainly commendable for you to be honest with yourself. The next step, however, is gathering the strength to tell your kids you’re staying at a Florida sober living home. This can be an especially tricky feat if they aren’t aware that you have an issue. It is going to take a valiant effort to address the elephant in the room, and we are here to help you. Consider the following factors before sitting down with your kids. This way, you are prepared for any curve balls that could potentially come your way.


Explain what addiction is. Stress that addiction is defined as a medical illness. Once you reveal that you have a type of illness, be sure to explain the solution. Tell you children that you plan on going to a special place that can heal you, and that they can reach out to you at Awakenings for Women at any time. This part of the talk is important so that they know your issue is curable. Make sure to use age-appropriate vocabulary so that the conversation is not intimidating for them.


Give plenty of details to your kids. Don’t withhold any information about the program you are entering at your Florida sober living home. Make them feel a part of the process with you, so that they don’t feel isolated, and neither do you. When your loved ones are informed about your whereabouts, your tasks may feel less nerve-wracking. Answer any questions that your kids ask you, but always maintain a level of calm and simplicity. It may help to point out the days you will be absent on a calendar. This gives them a useful visual to better understand your leave.


Make time for communication. Moreover, the most important detail that your children may wish to know is if they can communicate with you. Become acquainted with the rules at Awakenings for Women, and get back to them about how much you can communicate. Make it known to them that any chance you are allowed to, that you intend on reaching out. Explain that you aren’t leaving them, but rather you are staying at a Florida sober living home so that you can be with them in a healthier home lifestyle. Tell them that the moment you are healthy again, you plan on coming back home. Make sure to control your emotions when you have the talk. If you break down, it will most likely make it more difficult for your children. If you sense that you are losing control of your emotions, take a step back. Breathe deeply, compose yourself, and then try again. It may be helpful to have another adult with you for support. If your kids feel angry or sad, accept their emotions and be there to listen.

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