Four Sober Activities That Are More Exciting Than Doing Drugs

So you have finally gotten sober – now what?

For those who are new to the whole sobriety thing, filling your day up with activities can seem impossible. Considering that prior to getting clean most addicts spend their time trying to score their next high, this comes to the surprise of no one. However, focusing on sober activities during your stay at a Florida sober living home is the key to moving forward.

While you may be at a total loss for ways to spend your recently freed-up calendar, Awakenings for Women certainly is not. The next time you find yourself scratching your head and staring at the clock, pull out this list of sober activities and pick one to dive into.

  1. Start an online course. Are you a couple college courses short of a degree? Have you always wanted to learn how to code? What if you learned how to speak French? Before you stayed at a Florida sober living home, these questions would have been buried under the infinitely more pressing question: how do I score more drugs? Nowadays, you can actually find a productive answer to these questions and start an online course.
  2. Join a gym. We are willing to bet that physical fitness and your overall quality of health were fairly low on the priority list when you were abusing drugs. Now is the time to be kind to your body and repair all of the damage that years of substance abuse inevitably caused; if you haven’t already, one of the best sober activities you can do is to join a gym. Working out will bring a new sense of awareness to your physical needs, increase your self-confidence, and give you the perfect opportunity to make friends with people who are also focused on their health.
  3. Sign up for team sports. One of the benefits of staying at a Florida sober living home is that you never have to feel alone again. Specifically, you are no longer resigned to playing hours of solitaire and trying to beat your own highest record for free-throws; instead, you have a house full of other people looking for new sober activities just like you are. If you don’t have enough roommates to create a sport’s team, then sign up for a team sport instead. Regardless if you dream of playing softball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, water polo, kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, or dodgeball, signing up will be a lot less scary with friends by your side.
  4. Start to write. One of the best sober activities for those who have trouble expressing themselves, writing is a great way to get in touch with feelings you would rather not address. There are many options for how to put pen to the paper, including writing poems, songs, short-stories, or even starting your own sobriety blog; no matter what you choose, each are equally as therapeutic and beneficial for your recovery.
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