Four Common Frustrations in Recovery

When it comes to recovery for drug abuse, it is not uncommon to have your fair share of doubts, and to even begin to resent the process as a whole. While it is important to make sure to express any frustrations you feel throughout the process and to make sure that you are acknowledging your emotions, you do not want these negative emotions to get the best of you. If this does happen, then it can jeopardize all of the progress you have made in sobriety.

While you are working on tackling your substance abuse addiction at a Florida sober living home, make sure that you recognize that the following four common frustrations in recovery is a normal part of the process. The most important part is to make sure that you do not get hung up on it and allow the negativity to take you off course from your recovery journey.

Towards the rules. Staying in a women’s sober living home will do wonders in terms of making sure that you create a strong foundation for your sobriety. However, it is not uncommon to get annoyed by the rules in the house, such as curfews. You just have to remember that the rules will be the best for your sobriety in the long run. Chances are, you will be thanking your halfway house in Florida later on for those very same rules that you were frustrated with to begin with!

Towards your sponsor. No one wants to be reminded of how their life used to be before they got help, but sometimes throughout recovery you need someone who is watching out for you and who is going to tell you what you don’t want to hear. If you feel yourself beginning to get frustrated towards your sponsor, remember that they are here to help you and everything they are saying and doing is with your best interests in mind.

Towards your housemates. Moving into a Florida sober living home can require an adjustment period, as moving into a new home is never easy. Feeling frustration towards your fellow housemates is to be expected throughout your stay at your womens sober living home. In order to make sure that these frustrations do not completely derail your recovery process, make sure to have an open flow of communication between you and your housemates. That way, if any problems begin to arise, you have a way to work through it.

Towards someone who uses. When it comes to substance abuse addiction, relapse is not uncommon for those who are new to sobriety. If someone who is staying at the halfway house in Florida with you relapses, avoid feeling frustrastion towards that person because they “got to use,” and instead acknowledge it for the unfortunate situation that it is.


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