While treatment is key for recovery, there are many approaches to successful drug and alcohol treatment. At Awakenings for Women, we offer a variety of solutions for women’s sober living in South Florida. Our facility specializes in halfway housing assistance with Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) designed for patient success. Because IOP programs typically meet for set times each day, our sober living home can be an ideal opportunity for patients who are looking to work while in heroin recovery. The responsibilities and routine of work can help enhance successful heroin recovery.

Treatment Comes First

Studies show that individuals who regularly participate in IOP services have higher rates of sobriety long after treatment has concluded [1]. This shows the importance of focusing on treatment first and foremost. Our IOP programs support sober living in South Florida through counseling and therapy. Treatment is the focus of recovery, but many women choose to work while attending IOP treatment and living at halfway houses in South Florida.

The Treatment Benefits of Employment

Working while recovering from heroin addiction, opiate addiction, and other substance abuse or mental health struggles can help strengthen the success of recovery. This is because work brings added responsibility, accountability, and even a sense of belonging into a person’s life. Paid employment can improve depression symptoms [2] and allow women to feel greater accountability for their recovery.

There are many things women have to relearn when getting sober from heroin addiction. Halfway houses in South Florida allow women to relearn important real-world sobriety skills while completing their treatment. Working while in heroin recovery improves both sustained sobriety and quality of life post-treatment. Employment helps women gain better time management skills while learning how to maintain sobriety in a real-world setting.


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