Women’s Halfway House

Awakenings for Women BuildingAfter completing residential or outpatient drug and alcohol treatment, many women are looking for a little extra guidance to successfully transition to a new tomorrow with sober living in Florida. At Awakenings for Women, we’re helping women achieve their goals of sober living in Boca Raton. At our halfway house for women, residents can readjust to everyday life with new skills of sobriety. Our Awakenings halfway house is the ideal location for women to transition back into the swing of things while still maintaining crucial sober support systems.

What is a Halfway House?

Jumping back into the stresses of everyday life can be tough after finishing treatment. Without the right support, many women have a tough time sticking to the program of sober living in Florida. A halfway house makes the transition from treatment to everyday life much easier. Our Awakenings halfway house is a community of sobriety. At our halfway house for women, residents support one another in recovery.

A halfway house is more than just a place to live. It can be a cornerstone of long-term sober living in Boca Raton. While at a halfway house, women live with others who are also establishing long lasting sober skills. Residents are expected to stay sober, engage in therapy or IOP, contribute to household upkeep, pay rent, and work or go to school while residing at the halfway house. Additional regulations on curfew or outside visitors help set the right framework for long-term sobriety.

How Does a Halfway House Make Sober Living in Boca Raton Easier?

A halfway house offers crucial support to women who are ready to move to post-treatment stages of recovery. But, the stresses of everyday life can be difficult, especially when you’re newly sober. Women at halfway houses get sober living support and engage in a supportive community that makes this transition exponentially easier.

Think of our Awakenings halfway house like training wheels. You have enough guidance to be protected, but you’re the one controlling your outcome. Women at our halfway house are able to smoothly transition back into everyday life while sticking to sober living in Boca Raton. The resident requirements of our halfway house help residents redevelop personal responsibility and time management skills, all while strengthening their sobriety.

When Should I Stay at a Halfway House for Women?

There are different stages of the recovery process which fit well with halfway house support. For example, many women need the help of our sober living halfway house while they’re receiving IOP treatment. Other residents stay at our halfway house after they have completed IOP or inpatient treatment. We require that all our residents stay sober and follow the house rules to continue staying at Awakenings for Women. If you’re looking for a halfway house in Boca Raton, contact us today.

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