Boys, boys, boys, what are we gonna do with ya? Looking for some Valentine’s Day date ideas for your lady? Well you’ve come to the right place. We have assembled our pro team of Valentine’s Day date idea generators. We’re a group of women in recovery, and each of us have a had our fair share of V-Day dates after treatment.

A Quick Acknowledgement

You’re taking the time to research Valentine’s Day date ideas for your special lady friend – and for that, we want to give you a kudos. The simple fact that you are considerate enough to make sure you find the perfect sober date night for her is already a telling sign: you actually care. You rock, and we appreciate you just she will, too.

Keep playing your cards right like this and you’ll have an incredible Valentine’s Day date – we’re sure of it!

A Quick Note About Her Situation

If she lives at a sober home for women, be sure to stick to her curfew. The quickest way to ruin a great Valentine’s Day date is to overload her with anxiety and get her in trouble. So, keep an eye on the clock.

That being said, don’t treat her like a kid or be overly cautious about her recovery. She’s a regular girl with hopes, dreams, and baggage, just like the rest of us. Be one of the allies in her life that treats her like a normal human being, and you’ll go far. Sounds confusing? Good. That’s how we keep you on your toes. Okay, no more time to lose – moving onward!

Idea 1: Old Faithful – Dinner & A Movie

The old dinner and a movie Valentine’s Day date is so cliché that is actually cool again. Nothing fancy, good food, a good flick, and shared popcorn – the perfect date scenario that has led to many long lasting and happy marriages. There’s just something comforting about sitting in a dark theater next to a date and sharing a fresh batch of popcorn.

Sober Tip: If you are concerned about triggers, be sure to pick a restaurant without a popular happy hour, and avoid going to dinner after the usual drunk crowd has cleared out.

Also: she might steal some of your food, just let it happen.

Idea 2: Take a Class

Get on Groupon and look for classes in your area around February 14th. Cooking classes are the best because there is plenty of opportunity to fool around and get cheeky. Don’t limit yourself there: take a class on anything you think she may find interesting! Dancing, painting, crocheting if it’s available, because why not?

Sober Tip: Be careful of BYOB painting classes for obvious reasons. Especially if she is in early recovery, you wouldn’t want her to be uncomfortable.

Idea 3: Netflix & Chill – Pillow Fort Edition

No, not just the regular Netflix and Chill – that’s boring and we would never include that in a list of Valentine’s Day date ideas. You should take it up a notch. Netflix and Chill in a pillow fort. Take it a notch higher and use those old holiday lights to decorate your fort. Keep going even higher and put rose pedals all over the pillows. Make it as special and romantic as possible.

Go the extra mile and cook dinner if you really want to impress her. Go on, Gordon Ramsey, get in the kitchen!

Sober Tip: You really can’t go wrong with this one, because it’s one of the few dates without drinking that you can guarantee you won’t even see a drunkard out in the wild.

Idea 4: Escape Room

You cannot escape your love for her, and you may not be able to escape this room. Not only are escape rooms a great sober date night idea, they are a real way to see how you handle life’s ups and downs. You can really tell who a person is when they’re freaking out about a clue with five minutes to go before time’s up.

Sober Tip: Not a sober tip but just a regular tip – try not to argue on this one. If you or her and prone to frustration, then you could skip out on the escape room date night.

Idea 5: Take Her Back to Childhood

Bowling, arcade, mini golf, go carts. These are great sober Valentine’s Day date ideas because they are fun, interactive, and you can develop a little friendly competition. Throw in dinner to make it an adult date night if you must. But either way, if you’re having fun and do it all for us, we’ll be happy as well.

Get out there and go plan those dates boys!

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