Recovering from substance use disorders, such as alcoholism and addiction, can be challenging. This is especially true for women who are recovering from alcoholism. If you have a loved one who is recovering from alcoholism, there are ways you can show your support. At Awakenings for Women, we know that support makes all the difference in recovery. At our halfway house for women, we’ve built a supportive community that encourages long-term sobriety. Here are additional ways you can help your loved one while she gets sober at a facility for women’s sober living.

How to Support a Recovering Alcoholic


  • Keep in touch. Visiting your loved one while she’s living at a halfway house for women can show that you support her sobriety. If the halfway house is too far to visit in person, try calling regularly to keep in touch. Many halfway houses in South Florida even allow video calls.
  • Send a care package. If your loved one is living at a halfway house for women for an extended period, consider sending a care package to make their stay that much more comfortable. Include items such as comfortable clothing and inspirational reading.
  • Ask them what they need. Support is such an important component of women’s sober living, so it’s important to listen to your loved one to understand what she needs now or in the future. She may have requests for care packages, or she may let you know what kind of support she’ll need when she returns home from her halfway house for women.
  • Clean things up. Upon returning from halfway houses in South Florida, there may be a difficult transition period for women when they get back in the old setting where they were using. Make sure to ease this transition by ensuring they have a clean home to return to, and consider emptying the home of all alcohol or related triggers.

Supporting a loved one as she gets sober from alcoholism can help make her journey to sobriety that much easier. For more tips, call our halfway house for women today.

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