At Awakenings for Women, we are full of addiction recovery advice for women, positive vibes and a hint of motivation. Though it may already be February, we still think there’s plenty of time to make a positive change in your life. It all start with successful mindsets for addiction recovery and it ends with you!

We are aiming for long term change. Though we know that some of these won’t be easy to do right away you can start today. No matter if you are 10 years sober, 1 month sober, or still living in the women’s sober home, this will apply to you.

You need to believe these 3 things to make any positive changes in recovery.

  1. You must believe that hard work will lead to improvement.
  2. You must believe that you, and people like you belong in sobriety.
  3. You must believe that what you are doing is valuable and relevant to your goals.

These are the same principles used in all walks of life. Educators use these 3 mindsets to motivate students who are struggling to stay engaged at schools. The same rules apply to successful mindsets for addiction recovery.

We all need a little motivation, even if we know it will help us [1]. It’s okay to need a little boost!

How to Change Your Mindset

Stop hindering your own recovery! The first step is admitting you have a problem, the 3 steps will change your mindset and aid you in addiction recovery.

The three steps to successful mindsets for addiction recovery are as follows:

Step 1: Accepting Hard Work and Avoiding Resentment

Since we were little girls, we all heard that hard work pays off. If that’s true, then why is it that there are people around that have better houses that their parents paid for, or a nice car because they married a rich man (maybe not even for love) and or they get what they want based on looks?

The truth might be that some people are fortunate. The real truth is that you have no idea how others might be suffering. They might have to work hard to keep their parents happy, to keep the husband away from other women, to stay skinny. Does that sound like a happy life compared to your problems? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s not easy.

We are all working hard in our own ways, playing multiple games. We are all winning, losing, and coming out in the middle in so many different parts of our lives.

Avoid the trap of resentment, remember that those people are struggling with their own personal hells.

The only way forward is hard work and successful mindsets for addiction recovery only work if we do the work.

Step 2: Believe That the Sober Living Is the Right Path

We all remember our time in the women’s sober living home, it was surreal wasn’t it? The routine, the exposure to reality, the people in there with us. We can and should admit that we were in the right place, that we needed the help and we are grateful we got it.

You have to have faith and confidence that you are in the right place and that people like you should are in the right place.

If you believe you are in the right place, its strengthens your mindset. No one can change your course if you know exactly where you are and where you’re going.

Step 3: Merging Present and Future

These successful mindsets for addiction recovery are also great mindsets for life, business, family, and personal goals.

You must trust that what you are doing now will help you achieve your goals. Merging your present actions and your future goals. Keep in mind that what you are doing now is helping the future you. Give yourself a little pep talk, tell yourself “this is for you, future me, you’re welcome”.

Say is genuinely, say it personally. Talk to your future self with confidence and sincerity.


[1]: NCBI – Motivating the unmotivated: how can health behavior be changed in those unwilling to change?

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