Many people regard addiction as a black hole that sucks up everything in their lives. An active addiction can be like a tornado that destroys families, friendships, and even relationships. Addiction and alcoholism cause a person to lose sight of what matters most while their cravings take control. This can result in stealing, betrayal, and other hurtful situations that may create animosity from those you love the most. But it is possible for alcoholics and addicts to make amends and repair their relationships that have been strained by addiction. Amends are an important part of women’s sober living, and they’re an important step within recovery. Making amends is Step 9 of the 12 Steps, and it’s an important step for you and those you love.

How to Repair What’s Been Damaged

The most important thing to understand before attempting to repair relationships that have been damaged by addiction is that not everything can be fixed. For those who have been too hurt by your addiction or alcoholism, it may not be possible to make amends at this time. You should only reach out to those who will not feel hurt if you contact them.

At Awakenings for Women, we know that making amends and repairing relationships can be tough. But, it’s an important part of women’s sober living. The treatment professionals at our halfway house for women have put together some tips for repairing relationships that have been hurt by addiction:

  • Admit your wrongs and apologize for them
  • Be genuine with everything you’re saying
  • Listen openly to criticism or rebuttal
  • Suggest how to actively fix the damage you’ve done
  • Work to move forward from this point
  • Make your loved one feel valued
  • Replace what you can

Sincerity and honesty are crucial when you’re looking to repair relationships that have been damaged by addiction or alcoholism. For other relationships that seem impossible to fix, it’s important to understand that time always helps to make things less painful. Your loved one may come around as time goes on. Contact our halfway house for women for more tips.

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