It’s easy to dismiss the perspectives and advice on wine mom culture when it comes from a sober living facility for women, right? The culture itself is about letting go and having fun, we are just a bunch or squares or worse, we are just judgmental right?

It’s true that addiction experts are going to dislike anything that involves unbalanced or excess substance abuse, but this is worse. The real problem with wine mom culture is that it is normalizing addiction, and that is where we draw the line.

There is more than one glaring problem with wine mom culture.

Wine Mom Culture Promotes Consistent Drinking

It’s not all binge drinking. The truth is that some moms are just constantly drinking. And after years, they cannot remember a time when they did not go a day without 5 glasses of wine. Sarah Cotterall is a self-confessed former wine mom.

We Must Be Careful Not to Glamorize Alcohol Abuse

Calling it wine o’clock, mommy juice, or chardonaayy might be a little amusing, but it is trivializing an unhealthy lifestyle and terrible stressing coping mechanism.

Imagine that glass of wine was replaced with a shot tequila or a puff of a joint.

The Culture is Spreading

Cotterall put it this way: “The normalization of mommy wino culture memes and endless parade of articles on mom sites that shouted out the benefits of drinking helped justify my own growing problem.”1

Let’s Remember the Joys of Motherhood

Motherhood is a battlefield, an honor, and it comes only once. We shouldn’t let it pass by in a wine-induced haze.

We sincerely hope that the problem with wine mom culture doesn’t get us to a point of real problems. The opioid crisis was not taken seriously for years. With widespread alcoholism be next? Not if we can help it. Not if we change it now.


[1]: Babble – How Mommy Drinking Culture Has Normalized Alcoholism For Women In America

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