In 2012 alone, there were as many opioid prescriptions written as there were adults in the country, 259 million to be exact [1]. This statistic doesn’t even account for the number of benzo prescriptions written in recent years. Prescription pills are on the rise, and their addictive qualities are destroying communities. Illegal pills are increasingly laced with dangerous substances, such as fentanyl. These deadly drugs are infiltrating communities nationwide, and it’s time to fight back by getting sober in South Florida.

At Awakenings for Women, we operate female-focused sober living homes in South Florida that offer a sisterhood of sobriety for residents and patients. We know that cravings and triggers are unfortunately a part of sober living. But, you can resist the temptation for prescription pill relapse with the right support, techniques, and approaches. Here are crucial tips for resisting relapse and sticking to sober living in Florida.

Avoid Triggering Situations, People, or Places

Triggers are situations, such as people or places, that may spark the urge to use. While physical cravings for prescription pills are often fought during detox, the emotional and mental needs can linger long after getting sober in South Florida. It’s important to recognize factors that may remind you of your previous addiction and create the desire to use again. This can include places, songs, people, or situations. Keep a lookout for events that may include these triggers and consider sitting things out until the triggers become less intense.

Develop Sobriety Strategies

Even when you’re working to avoid triggering situations, the urge to use prescription pills can still happen. It’s a normal part of sober living in Florida, especially in the earlier stages of your recovery. The key is to develop action plans and strategies to resist cravings ahead of time. This way, if cravings creep up, you’re already prepared to fight it. Consider building a sober support system, such as your sponsor, friends, or fellow residents from sober living homes in South Florida. A supportive community will make all the difference.

Establish a Schedule

Schedules and routines can go a long way in sobriety, especially when it comes to resisting cravings for prescription pill relapse [2]. A routine will help establish normalcy of sobriety and give you a rhythm to count on. Routine can spell successful sober living in Florida.

We hope that these tips help when it comes to resisting triggers and avoiding relapse. At Awakenings for Women, we’re helping women from all walks of life achieve their goals of getting sober in South Florida. If you’re ready to get sober, or if you need additional help avoiding triggers or relapse, contact us today.


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