New year’s resolutions for addicts have the same success rate as anyone else’s resolutions, about 6%. Isn’t that just sad? I think we can do better ladies, and I for one know that if anyone is good at making a promise and sticking to it, it’s a woman in recovery.

If you’re looking for more ways to spend your time, then a list of new year’s resolutions for addicts is the way to go. Here’s our list for 2018:

  1. Be More Active

We gotta stop this sedentary lifestyle. We have all become a little too sloth-like in 2017. Let’s promise to spend 8:00 am to 9:00 am every Sunday, walking around our neighborhood listening to podcasts and avoiding eye contact with the crazy neighbor who runs every morning.

  1. Participate

No more sitting on the side lines and watching other people have fun (Here’s looking at you Becky from 9th grade gym class, your laugh was annoying).

Instead this year, we are going to introduce ourselves to someone new whenever we are at a party. Simple, successfully, utterly terrifying but we will do it.

  1. Find a Sober Hobby

A list of new year’s resolutions for addicts would not be complete without an addition of a sober hobby. We are going to find something magical to devote all our free time to!

  1. Make a Budget

Is it weird for a monthly budget to have an entire column dedicated to eating at restaurants? That’s probably not right. Well in 2018 we are going to make a budget and stick to it. Even during a Victoria Secret semi-annual sale.

  1. Maintain Better Posture

If we can’t do this one, then we are giving up on new year’s resolutions forever. I swear, all it is standing and sitting up, straight right?

  1. Cook More

Save money, eat better, and get good at something. We should all be cooking more in 2018. So, we swear by Betty Crocker, Rachel Ray, and the goddesses of cooking, we will start cooking more!

The Secret to Keeping Your Resolution is to keep it simple and specific. Use our list as a starting point but develop one of your own. Good luck!


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