At Awakenings for Women, we know that journaling can go a long way when it comes to maintaining sobriety. So often, we are all wrapped up in the hectic patterns of our lives, and this makes it nearly impossible to identify factors of addiction triggers or relapse. Whether you’re living in a residential treatment facility, halfway homes for women in South Florida, or at home, it’s important to journal as a part of your recovery.

The Benefits of Journaling

The best way to solve a problem is to understand it, and journaling helps with just that. While residing at halfway houses in South Florida, it can be very beneficial to journal. In fact, journaling is important at any stage of recovery. Journaling is especially beneficial while living in residential treatment, PHP houses in South Florida, IOP houses, and halfway houses. The benefits of journaling in recovery include:

  • Greater understanding of emotions
  • Easier identification of patterns
  • Tracking of emotions and triggers
  • Reduction in anger or stress
  • Better control over emotional responses

Journaling about stressful events can result in greater recovery from them, resulting in less stress [1]. Starting a journal is easy. You can keep a written journal if you’d like a more traditional approach. For many women who are residing at a PHP house in South Florida, a written journal is easier to keep up with. However, after completing residency at halfway houses in South Florida, some women choose to keep their journal electronically on their computer or phone. As long as you’re writing down your thoughts, feelings, or challenges, then you are following the right footsteps of journal keeping.

Let our team at Awakenings for Women help with your journaling and recovery. Our halfway home for women in South Florida includes truly supportive sobriety resources and residency for OP and IOP treatment. Keeping a journal is an important aspect of your sobriety, no matter how long you have been sober.



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