The number of heroin users nationwide jumped 135% from 404,000 users in the year 2002, to 948,000 in 2017 [1] – and the numbers are only growing. With heroin use on the rise, many people are learning more about this drug’s damaging effects on the body. Heroin addiction is dangerous for men and women alike, but the risks for women can be especially pronounced. At Awakenings for Women, we’re helping women get healthier by kicking heroin to the curb. We support women’s sober living and recovery through personalized treatment paths.

Heroin’s Effect on Men & Women

For both men and women, heroin is shown to damage some of the brain’s white matter, which is a crucial component in decision making and reasoning [2]. White matter is also linked to improved responses to stress and behavior regulation [2]. Heroin’s damage to these crucial regions can result in behavioral and personal changes for both men and women – but heroin’s dangers don’t stop there.

Heroin’s Effect on Women’s Fertility

Heroin addiction can be devastatingly damaging to a woman’s fertility and overall reproductive health. Studies have shown that acute doses of morphine, heroin’s less potent counterpart, prevents ovulation [3]. More chronic doses, such as doses of addiction, completely disrupt the menstrual cycle in women [3]. This has been shown to reduce fertility in women [3].

Breaking Free into Sobriety

At Awakenings for Women, we understand how dangerous heroin addiction can be, not just to your immediate health, but to your long-term health. We can help you find sobriety with services for women’s sober living. Our programs include detox, rehab, and women’s halfway houses that encourage long-term recovery.

Heroin can be a controlling drug, but you can break free. You can get sober. It starts by reaching out to our team at Awakenings for Women. From initial treatment to women’s halfway houses and beyond, we’re here to support your recovery. Call today.



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