Negativity can spurn from many aspects in life, including genetics. In fact, genetic studies show a relationship between genes and negativity, with certain individuals facing higher rates of negative thought or patterns [1]. Environment and perception play into the perpetuation of negative emotions, but you can fight back against negativity. At Awakenings for Women, we support women through their recovery. Our facility supports sober living in Boca Raton with personalized services and care. We offer halfway house solutions, along with housing for IOP and PHP treatment.

Emotional support is an important component of our treatment. Our team at Awakenings for Women believes in supporting women through emotional growth and improvement. Positive emotions can help negate the lingering effects of negative emotions, supporting further emotional growth in a positive direction [2]. Now that spring is here, it’s time to start with emotional spring cleaning. This includes combating negativity and working on personal growth. Let’s explore tips for emotional spring cleaning.

Take an Inventory

It’s important to understand what’s going on with your emotions before starting out with your emotional spring cleaning. Consider what doubts, challenges, or fears you have about addiction, recovery, or sober living in Boca Raton. Then, consider the positive emotions you have as well. Therapy can help you pinpoint the emotions you need to inventory in your emotional spring cleaning.

Identify Patterns for Change

If you have pinpointed emotions that are hindering your positive emotional growth, consider what is causing these emotions. Is it your perception? Your friends? Your addiction? Whatever isn’t working, get rid of it! If your job is making you unhappy, consider finding a new one. If you are constantly looking at the dark side with a glass half empty, change your perception of these situations. Your perception and your reaction to life will do a lot for your emotional health, so make sure to work at keeping a good outlook. Our halfway house for IOP offers supportive care to help improve thought patterns and actions.

Get Social

Spending time with like minded friends can do wonders for positivity. Studies show that the presence of positive feelings. In one study, participants viewed emotional pictures alone, and then with a friend. In the study, those who viewed emotional pictures with a friend reported more positive feelings [3], showing that friendships can help support more positivity in a person’s life. So make sure to spend time with sober friends who make you feel positive!

At our halfway house for PHP, we have a supportive community of women who provide emotional support for positivity in recovery. We hope these tips help with your emotional spring cleaning. Emotional spring cleaning isn’t just a crucial part of sober living in Boca Raton, it’s important for anyone who wants to support their best emotional health.


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