The hard work is finally over. You can finally say that you have successfully completed treatment and detox, and are now on your way to live at a sober living home for women. Thoughts of all the hobbies you want to pick up, new friends you want to make, and new goals you plan on reaching all cross your mind. But there is one thing that still leaves you with a couple questions – what do you do about dating someone who drinks, or dating in general?

Today’s dating word seems to involve a constant buzz, or an obligatory drink to help ease nervous tension. Dating sober can help you establish better-quality, long lasting relationships built on genuine experiences.

There are many benefits to living a sober lifestyle, which will ultimately lead to a more positive dating experience overall.

Here are three reasons why sober dating is always better:

  1. You can determine if you have genuine chemistry with your date, rather than wondering if it was the combination of cocktails making you feel a certain way. You will be able to identify if you have a real connection with someone the first time around.
  2. No longer depending on the crutch of alcohol when getting to know someone gives you the ability to feel secure and confident with who you are. You can feel good knowing that you are not showing them anything but the real you.
  3. You soberly, consciously decide what you want to do with someone – if at all. Alcohol intoxication leads to impaired judgement. The sober living facility for women states that dating sober prevents the unfortunate event that your date goes too far, or you engage in activities you otherwise would not have.

Dating a normie is as good as you allow it to be. Sure, there are going to be things that they will never understand, and at times they may not be able to comprehend just how difficult it is to live and to date with addiction. But it really doesn’t have to be like that at all.

Dating a nonalcoholic can be a really good thing and if you are enrolled in a woman’s sober living program then we have some advice to ensure you have success with your sober loving program.

Here Are there tips to dating a normie and having a long, fulfilling sober relationship:

  1. If you are scrambling to come up with a sober date idea, our we recommend something with an adrenaline rush. Activities like horseback riding, go-kart racing, snorkeling, and hiking are all fun ways to spend time with someone that require absolute sobriety – so the pressure is off.
  2. When dating someone who drinks, you will also want to make sure to take the initiative to plan dates that do not involve alcohol. Even if your potential partner does have your best interests at heart, it is easy to forget that even being around the slightest temptation and away from your halfway house in Florida could prove incredibly difficult for you. Make sure to double check where your date venues are ahead of time, so that you don’t have to put that responsibility on your new love partner.
  3. Since you would like to avoid any potential for relapse, you want to make sure that you are honest with your potential love interest about your current stay at a women’s sober living home – and why you are there in the first place. This will help weed out those who may not have your best interests in mind from the very beginning.

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