Oh, here we go again, more about creating goals for new year. Listen, we get it. Constantly talking about goals and resolutions can really be annoying. Over and over again it’s all about believing in yourself and so on. Well listen up ladies, we aren’t here to give out generic advice to stick to new year resolutions. Nope, we are here to give you real tops to create goals for the new year that will reach those goals.

Yes, there is science behind goal setting and if you know how to do it correctly, you are more likely to succeed.

Goal Setting Tip 1 – Keep It Small

This is one of the principles of recovery as well. Remember hearing this when you arrived at the drug treatment center? And then again at the women’s sober living home? One day at a time.

When we think long-term and big picture, we can often be overwhelmed by the details and it seems easier to give up. But if you make the goals small, you are less likely to quit.1 So, when you create goals for the new year, make them attainable, make them goals you can manage daily.

Goal Setting Tip 2 – Write It Down

A DREAM written down with a date becomes a GOAL. A goal broken down into steps becomes a PLAN. A plan backed by ACTION comes REALITY.

This is by far our favorite quote about goal setting and it’s so true. But we think you can take this a step further. Once you create goals for the new year, keep writing them down, every week.

Why does this work? There are a number of reasons and theories but here’s the one we like the most.

See there’s a phenomenon call the “Cocktail Party Effect” that related to your subconscious. Have you ever been in a noisy room and heard your name being called? Over all the noise and despite not listening for it, as soon as someone says your name you hear it immediately. That is selective hearing and filtering.

Now, you can use this principle to train your own mind. If you constantly train your brain to selectively “hear” opportunities to meet your goals, well then your subconscious will start working to make you aware of those opportunities.2

Goal Setting Tip 3 – Don’t Tell Anyone

But aren’t you supposed to tell everyone your goals so you feel accountable?

Well it turns out that for most, this is actually a BAD idea. When we tell people about our goals, we activate the same part of the brain that feels good for completing them. We are tricked into feeling like we accomplished our goals. 3

Goal Setting Tip 4 – Reward Yourself

And finally, when you create goals for the new year, remember to create rewards as well. The best way to “trick” ourselves into following a new year resolution is to reward ourselves. For example: if you go to the gym today, then reward yourself with an hour of your favorite reality TV show.

The most important part of this tip is to make sure you reward yourself, no matter what. If you complete your goal for that day or week, reward yourself, never skip the reward!



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