For the organizers of National Recovery Month, addiction and mental illnesses are problems, just like any other health problem. They believe that celebrating recovery is the same as celebrating triumph over other diseases, such as heart disease or diabetes. In the same focus, prevention techniques can help many communities diminish the influence of the disease of addiction. At Awakenings for Women, we support these Recovery Month initiatives both in September and year-round. Below are some ways you can support Recovery Month and sober living in Florida.

Attend Recovery Month Events

There are many events celebrating sober living in South Florida. During Recovery Month, these events encompass celebrations and much more. Attend a local event with those in recovery, or take a preventative approach by bringing loved ones who may be in at-risk categories for substance abuse. There are events that help with prevention of addiction, encouraging long-term sober living in Florida. Click here to find a Recovery Month event near you, or host your own!

Have a Discussion About Addiction

At our recovery house in Boca, we know that addiction is often swept under the rug. Sadly, when this happens, may people fall deeper into their struggles. Recovery Month is about bringing these challenges into the open and removing the stigmas associated with addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, and mental health. By talking about our struggles, we’re all able to live happy, healthy, and sober lives. Consider sharing your story of recovery or discussing it over living in South Florida with others.

Get Sober

The absolute best way to celebrate Recovery Month is to truly start on your road to recovery. At Awakenings for Women, we make recovery and sober living possible. During recovery month, we see an influx in patients who are ready to find their sobriety. Don’t let addiction control your life, let us help you discover your sobriety. Contact us today to get started on your road to recovery. Considering the goals of Recovery Month, achieving your recovery is the best way to honor this celebration of sobriety.

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