New year, new you, who dis? Yes ladies, it’s time for a new year and that means a fresh start and new challenges to face. We have created this list of new year resolutions for women in recovery because we have a whole bunch of difference challenges to face.

New year’s resolutions for addicts can be repetitive: don’t do drugs, don’t relapse, stay positive and so on. And though these are fantastically helpful ideas to keep in mind, they can be a little cliché. How about some new year resolutions for women in recovery that keep it real?

Give Back to the Addiction Community

Remember your time at the treatment center? Or your time at the women’s sober living community? It was a trying time for sure and you needed all the empathy and understanding that the world could offer. So why not give that back?

We wish this could be one of the new year resolutions for women in recovery that we all followed. While you focus on bettering yourself, don’t forget those who were in your position. Give back and you will change yourself!

Mindfulness – Try a Meditation App

Don’t just try mediation, if that is your resolution you aren’t being specific enough. Instead pick a really good meditation app and get a free trial.

We have heard fantastic things about the Calm mediation app.

Mindfulness is usually on the top of everyone’s resolution list, so take a step in the right direction and download the app today and get started!

Get Out More – Try Something New On The Menu

Expand your horizons and go out a little more. Make it your mission to try something completely new on the menu every time you go out to eat. This will give you a more focused direction when you do go out and as it becomes a little bit of a fun game.

You Do You – Take Your Time Getting Ready

Don’t rush the you time you have. When you get ready, take your time. Enjoy your shower, enjoy doing your hair, take your time.

Don’t rush for anyone.

What we like about this resolution is that is bleeds into everything else you do. If you have to take your time getting ready, you will be more mindful, you will be more scheduled, and you will be focusing on you. It’s a win, win, win for you.

Save Money – Check Your Bank Balance Before & After Purchases

Saving money is one of the most important new year resolutions for women in recovery. Why? Because we were so used to spending incredible amount of money on useless things during our days of addiction. No more!

Instead of saying you’ll save more money, create an action that will make you more aware of the money you are spending. Be sure to check your bank balance before and after you purchase something. Do that often enough and you will be saving money in no time.

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